The DNA of
Safety Coaching

Tools for Improving your Coaching Practices

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Tool 1.1: The Core Beliefs Inventory

Tool 1.2: The Coaching Skills Checklist

Tool 2.1: TORI Self-Assessment

Tool 2.2: Effective Coaching Relationships

Tool 3.1: Behavioral Style Evaluation

Tool 4.1: Assumptions about Learning and Learners

Tool 5.1: Spotting Coaching Opportunities

Tool 5.2: Diagnosing a Skill Problem

Tool 5.3: Developing a Coaching Plan

Tool 5.4: Delivering Coaching

Tool 6.1: Attitude Problems that Need Resolving

Tool 6.2: Diagnosing an Attitude Problem

Tool 6.3: The Counseling Checklist

Tool 6.4: Developing the Get Better Plan

Tool 6.5: Delivering Counseling

Tool 7.1: The High Performance Environment Audit

Tool 7.2: Designing Empowering Jobs

Tool 8.1: Personal Planning Contract Form